Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowflakes falling from a great big sky

Woah- lots a snows a falling this weekend!!! Crazy fun. My dog loves it. Today she was basically swimming in it in our backyard. This is quite alot of snow in my opinion and so soon. Wow, it sure is pretty out when it snows. The whole sky seems lighter and it never gets as dark at night when there is snow all around. So beautiful it also seems much quieter with all the snow. I'm guessing less people get out and about when they're car is stuck in the driveway and the road conditions are poor. Still I love the snow. I'm a little worried though, being November and all... Does more fall.. How much more? What 10 feet? This could be an issue... Well for now it's fun. It's also hard to get things done.. the colder it gets. The more I just want to stay in bed all curled up!        

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