Monday, December 8, 2008

not a canvas

Lately I have been interested in making art on things other than canvas's. For example make-up on my face. I Love the idea of interacting with the art and this is a great example of that. Its exciting to me to be able to interact with the art. Its a whole different field being apart of my artwork. Getting in touch with my body and making art according. What I like most about this new theory is unlike painting on a canvas and having no control after finishing the piece, I get the advantage of being apart of the display of the art work. This intrigues me. I will soon post art work that examplifies this.   


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Making Movies

By far the last computer assignment has been the best one. I think I may have finally got intouch with my techie skills. I actually feel good about the completion of this assignment. Sigh, ahh its almost over the end of term is near, and I now see the light at the end. Three more days of stress-case lifestyle finishing up projects. Then.. THEN ITS OVER! Party hear i come.. and sleep. I've almost forgotten about what it feels like to have sleep, I mean proper sleep where you hit the pillow and wake up not tired! Its' so close I can feel.. 3 days I can make it!