Saturday, October 25, 2008

and there goes my weekend...

Thursday, it all started thursday. I went out for a run and i brought my dog with me (this i will not do again). And I guess I was running with the lease a little too long cause my dog ran in front of me very quickly and i tried to jump to the side so i wouldn't run over her and i fell. I twisted my ankle and therefor collapsed. So I limped home (luckily I was fairly close to the house) then I iced and elevated my ankle the rest of the day. The I woke up Friday and it was larger than it was thursday.. eckk. so I Iced and elevated all day again... and finally I woke up today Saturday morning, after a nice 12 hour sleep and the swelling went down! hurray. So I managed to moved around the house a small amount today but still have not ventured beyond the house since thursday :( Tomorrow I hope. Tomorrow will have to be the day. Today I was able to have a shower and put a little weight on it. So tomorrow I'm hoping I will be able to conduct a fairly normal sunday minus the limping around :S ugh what a drag. I guess that's just part of life you dont get the up's unless you get the down's. Well down's away with swelling, fingers crossed. On the contrary I caught up with my sleep and rest this weekend.. although I never imagined I'd catch up on my sleep and rest with my left foot elevated for days. At first It sorta looked like a round floor hockey or street hockey ball was trapped inside my left ankle. Now it just looks like an old lady ankle or a kanckle. Well thats all I got for now. This thing better heal soon. I can't sit still very well and well these past couple days have been a struggle to just rest up and not move. I'm a go-go-go person! Can't wait to get back to it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

OMG, Wash your hands

Okay people, this is disgusting! seriously there are sooooo many germs out there... And you people who don't wash your hands after using the wash room go around spreading even more germs everywhere. DISGUSTING. I used a public wash room earlier this morning and another girl was in the washroom also. She clearly went pee, unless she poured another unknown substance down into the toilet that sounded like peeing and then she just walked out! Ya, you heard me just walked out. Look even if your clean when you use a washroom you touch the door when entering the washroom and then you touch the stall door and then you usually touch the flush (unless its automatic.. which i admit i love) then you touch the handle of the stall door again WHICH BY THE WAY OTHER PEOPLE TOUCH ALL THESE PLACES TOO.. and even though you may be a clean person you are not anymore.. so its simple just wash your hands. Really we should probably wash our hands 3-4 times a day at least. You eat with your hands sometimes right? You probably occasionally take public transit and open doors touching the handles also.. hmm so why don't you just go around liking the ground and people's faces for that matter if what you really want is to inhale germs everywhere. I'd just like to add I'm also into strengthening the immune system.. but naturally not in any way excessively. Well peps thats all my ranting for the day about germs and dirty people forgetting to wash there hands. I love you all, just cleaner!   

I got a little more Juice on the... Jarrett Shaw

He told he is closest with his mom, but unfortunately she lives out in Ontario. He is currently living with his godparents here in Halifax, because he didn't enjoy living in Ontario. He moved there for a year with his Family in grade 9 but didn't enjoy it and came back to Halifax the following year. Where he has since been living with his kind and generous godparents. Gotta love family seems there always there for you in the long run. One of his favorite past times growing up was playing with action figures. I think this is the boy equivalent for barbies, right? He has one sibling a younger sister that is in High School. I asked him why he wanted to be a film director, what was it that really drives him to want to become a film director.. . HE SAID "The thing that drives me... is the fact that I get to show people MY personal vision with the movies. It's a good way to express me ideas." 
So Jarrett what's one thing in your bedroom you couldn't live without? 
umm any ideas guys... this is defiantly a guy answer i got from him! 
HE SAID "haha the one thing in my bedroom I couldn't live without would be my playstation 3 and my tv."
first off Jarrett thats two things.. getting greedy on me! and clearly you dont have any sentimental items in your room or you do and they just aren't sentimental to you :( 
I asked him for a motto or saying he lived by and HE SAID "your dreams only go as far as you take them, so don't stop dream"
And last but defiantly not least I asked him What characteristic do you most dislike in other people? by the way I completely agree with answer  
....AND HE SAID.....
"The one characteristic I really dislike in people, is settling for less and not achieving as much as they are capable of. Basically people who have no self-confidence" 
*might I add he believes that everyone is born with self-confidence but the thinks the media shuts people down because they think they can't be what they see on t.v. or people criticizing one another and negative thoughts implied towards one another. 
Wow thats a loaded answer and question to end it on. But it's a great on to get people thinking.. why do we call it out of our reach??? It's only out of your reach if your not reaching for it!!! 

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latest In-class assignment
Getting to know Jarrett (that's with two t's) a little better
His full name is Jarrett Shaw he is working to become a famous film director. He was born in Halifax on March 17, 1988. Which happens to be St. Patrick's Day.. I wonder if he came out green? He plans on finishing his degree at NSCAD with a major in Film. He loves seafood, everything but Salmon. I'm learning how can you not like seafood and life in Halifax. He prefers a good Lobster. His Favorite animal is a toss-up between monkeys and dogs. His favorite Artist in Kanye West "He is a genius" quoted by the Jarrett Shaw himself. He is currently enjoying one of his newest songs by Kayne West called Heartless. Next year Jarrett plans on entering The Atlantic Film Festival. He also plans on winning something too! Good-luck, not that it sounds like you need any. His fav movie would be Memento or Pirates. I have to say I haven't seen Pirates, but Memento is an awesome movie I totally agree with him. Great screenplay, well directed movie. He hopes to travel the world someday hopefully as a famous film director. He relishes new clothes and nice things. He said he's very materialistic, cause he is totally into Fashion. Jarrett says he doesn't judge many things before he tries them out himself. He told me he is also a very out-going yet humble person.   WELL FOLKS THATS ALL THE JUICE I GOT ON THE GUY FOR NOW! I'll try and pull some more info from him.. soon to come! 
In the meantime hit up his fav song and see if you have anything in common with him in the meantime.. KaYNe WEst "Heartless"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Stuffed and still thankful

It's only fitting that I write about thanksgiving and all. So I realized this year I just never seem to be near my family at this time of year, and if I recall correctly it's been at least 3 or 4 years since i had a thanksgiving dinner with them. I'm always in another city or another province or even sometimes another state. Yet I seem to always be invited to another family's thanksgiving. So this year I am thankful for and to all people who are like the families I have encountered in being so welcoming and generous. I think last year I was invited to 3 family dinners all on different days with different families (none mine, or should I say none by blood) I guess family is what you make of it. I have been so blessed to meet such gracious people in my so-far--lifetime. So today I am stuffed, stuffed with love and great company and some turkey. We are so lucky to be able to connect with people and enjoy a meal together. This is such a small thing but I think sometimes (I know I do) we forget how lucky we are to be able to afford to cook and prepare and enjoy a meal together. Not all people all over the world have this luxury. So I will try to be thankful more often, not just once a year because Halmark tells me I should. Giving thanks is all about personal awareness. To be aware of how much we have and how much we need and how much we take for granite and how much we are thankful. So thankful I am today and thankful I will be tomorrow. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stock Free Images

Hey here are some Stock Free Photography site that I thought where pretty good.. and If you have some time check them out. Theres a taste of some of the abstract images I found off of freephotobank website. 

Something I wrote a while back..."When Is too much baggage?"

I've been lugging around my past
even though only half of it was a blast
some memories good, some bad
some thoughts good, some sad
my heart is slowly feeling very heavy
bags; I'm not sure if i've got one to many
can't remember the last time i counted them
obviously an overflowing amount of them
to heavy to lift up to throw-out
i pile, trying forget about my internal doubt
one day a kind heart offers me a hand
i figure 4 hands is better than 2
and slowly my pile become few
my heart is feeling stronger each day
the pain seems to have been lifted away
all it took was a nice person to offer
now my heart feels so much softer
the burden has been lifted away 
my body has been relieved of all pain 
generous and willing, i will be 
the next time i see some else in need


Friday, October 3, 2008

Goodbye Flip-Flops

Its that wonderful yet sad time of year. The leaves begin to fall and there is moistness in the air. This is the end of flip-flop season as the sunny days are few so are the days of wearing flip-flops. My feet scream at me often if I've worn flip-flops all day and it's nearing dark. When the air gets colder and therefor my feet do also. They call out for protection and my flip-flop offer little. This war is almost over. Soon my feet will win. Boots are less comfortable but my feet cherish their protection. Protection is what they soon shall get for months on end of chilled damp weather. Goodbye Flip-flops.

Music to me

Music to me is anything I hear and enjoy. A familiar sweet sound to my ear. A gentle lull or hush or the natural noises around me. One day I was on the ferry heading between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I often took this route as I was studying Fine Arts in Victoria for two years. I enjoyed being outside on the ferry breathing the fresh air. This one day in particular It was quiet around me and I could hear a brilliant array of noises. I searched all around me to find what it was I was hearing. Low and behold it was right before my eyes. A small yet beautiful shiny piece of tin foil. Scrapping across the rough gravel/cement like floor beneath my feet. The wind was humming and blowing the tin foil around. The collection of noises that filled my ears made music. This was enlightening as sometimes I am so focused on what is out of my reach I forgot about what is right in front of me. It was only a short moment. Yet it was a moment of reflection, of realization. A standard English dictionary won't define my life and tell me what music is. Music to me will always be sounds my ears embrace. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008


O how my love extends for slippers. Other than natural sources (Sand, Water, Land/Grass, ect.) slippers are what my feet crave to curl into. The warm clean feeling of slippers. The idea of rarely touching dirty floor all winter excites me. The soft surroundings of slippers that invite me and always with the best intent. When it's cold and rainy and I'm walking home with damp soar feet I walk with happiness knowing that my slippers await my arrival.