Monday, December 8, 2008

not a canvas

Lately I have been interested in making art on things other than canvas's. For example make-up on my face. I Love the idea of interacting with the art and this is a great example of that. Its exciting to me to be able to interact with the art. Its a whole different field being apart of my artwork. Getting in touch with my body and making art according. What I like most about this new theory is unlike painting on a canvas and having no control after finishing the piece, I get the advantage of being apart of the display of the art work. This intrigues me. I will soon post art work that examplifies this.   


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Making Movies

By far the last computer assignment has been the best one. I think I may have finally got intouch with my techie skills. I actually feel good about the completion of this assignment. Sigh, ahh its almost over the end of term is near, and I now see the light at the end. Three more days of stress-case lifestyle finishing up projects. Then.. THEN ITS OVER! Party hear i come.. and sleep. I've almost forgotten about what it feels like to have sleep, I mean proper sleep where you hit the pillow and wake up not tired! Its' so close I can feel.. 3 days I can make it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I smiled today as I was watching a friend with hiccups because it hit me. Hiccups are one of our bodies few ways of controlling us. We are always telling our body to pick up our feet and move our hands and stand up, etc. Yet Hiccups are something our body does without our control. It's a fairly amazing concept. Here we are always controlling our body and then hiccups and sneezes come along and our body jumps in and reacts without the consent or the control of our mind. I love it, I love that know matter who you are or how hard you try to be in control of everything in your life, you simply cannot because your body sometimes knows better than you do. We are not machines no matter how hard you try to compare us with machines our bodies are far more complex than machines. For unlike machines our body natural reacts to certain things that you cannot prepare for or control.
Enjoy what you cannot control, embrace it and learn from it.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowflakes falling from a great big sky

Woah- lots a snows a falling this weekend!!! Crazy fun. My dog loves it. Today she was basically swimming in it in our backyard. This is quite alot of snow in my opinion and so soon. Wow, it sure is pretty out when it snows. The whole sky seems lighter and it never gets as dark at night when there is snow all around. So beautiful it also seems much quieter with all the snow. I'm guessing less people get out and about when they're car is stuck in the driveway and the road conditions are poor. Still I love the snow. I'm a little worried though, being November and all... Does more fall.. How much more? What 10 feet? This could be an issue... Well for now it's fun. It's also hard to get things done.. the colder it gets. The more I just want to stay in bed all curled up!        

Friday, November 14, 2008

seeing clearly

you know when your eyes can't see all that clear
they're open wide but you can't see whats near
you squint and glare at what lies before  
knowing that everything is chaotic and such 
you stare at what seems really far and out of touch 
you blink like a bird that is learning to fly 
relaxing those weary and tired eyes
some time passes by of resting your eyes
and in a short blink you try to retry 
glaring and staring and squinting away
maybe you're trying to hard to see anyway
maybe your head and heart are the bug 
thats caught in your eye and wont let you see all that much 
instead of living life seeing unclearly
why don't you focus on what's close and near you
don't waste your time teasing your eyes
hiding from truth and hiding from lies 
gallivanting your eyes all around town
stop this silliness and look all around
see and appreciate what stands right before you 
in clear and stillness enjoy all that surrounds you 
stop running and chasing from all you can't catch 
your eyes don't fool you
there's no looking back 
see everything as something 
and something as everything
look past the unclear and focus on more 
more that lies close to you
more your heart knows and loves
let your eyes guide you 
may you see all you must
but know you heart knows best 
clear eyes lead the way 
may they rest easy by night
and be clear by day

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a fragrance fills the air, my heart searches, he is gone

5 precious days
108 hours of pure happiness
countless minutes of fleeing smiles
short sweet glances of honest love
my heart is heavy now
lost and alone
I yearn for just one more day 
one more hour
one more glance shared between us 
one more promising smile
one more minute
my heart craves
to be seen and heard
the way he sees and hears me
I crave to be touched and held
the way only he touches and holds me
till then 
I will wait

Saturday, November 8, 2008

my drug addiction...

SHoes, SHHoes, SHOES!!!! Hey but if they are my only addiction in life I think I'm doing pretty good. So far in the last two months I've purchased four pairs. I usually average at least one new pair a month. But the past two months have been difficult because most of my shoes are all back home in B.C. so I was need of some new pairs here. You have got to admit shoes play a huge role in a person comfort and fashion. I sometimes watch peoples shoes as from noticing their shoes I can kind of tell a little bit about them. How they keep their shoes, what they wear them with, etc. With 4 brilliant seasons a year there's a great potential to own a vast amount of shoes for all occasions. Some shoes get to see sunlight more often than others, and some are just the perfect last piece to a special outfit for a special occasion. So my hunt continues to add to my collection of shoes. One day they will all have a spot in a large walk-in shoe closet. Each pair will have a perfect spot where they may rest in between use.