Friday, November 14, 2008

seeing clearly

you know when your eyes can't see all that clear
they're open wide but you can't see whats near
you squint and glare at what lies before  
knowing that everything is chaotic and such 
you stare at what seems really far and out of touch 
you blink like a bird that is learning to fly 
relaxing those weary and tired eyes
some time passes by of resting your eyes
and in a short blink you try to retry 
glaring and staring and squinting away
maybe you're trying to hard to see anyway
maybe your head and heart are the bug 
thats caught in your eye and wont let you see all that much 
instead of living life seeing unclearly
why don't you focus on what's close and near you
don't waste your time teasing your eyes
hiding from truth and hiding from lies 
gallivanting your eyes all around town
stop this silliness and look all around
see and appreciate what stands right before you 
in clear and stillness enjoy all that surrounds you 
stop running and chasing from all you can't catch 
your eyes don't fool you
there's no looking back 
see everything as something 
and something as everything
look past the unclear and focus on more 
more that lies close to you
more your heart knows and loves
let your eyes guide you 
may you see all you must
but know you heart knows best 
clear eyes lead the way 
may they rest easy by night
and be clear by day

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