Saturday, November 8, 2008

my drug addiction...

SHoes, SHHoes, SHOES!!!! Hey but if they are my only addiction in life I think I'm doing pretty good. So far in the last two months I've purchased four pairs. I usually average at least one new pair a month. But the past two months have been difficult because most of my shoes are all back home in B.C. so I was need of some new pairs here. You have got to admit shoes play a huge role in a person comfort and fashion. I sometimes watch peoples shoes as from noticing their shoes I can kind of tell a little bit about them. How they keep their shoes, what they wear them with, etc. With 4 brilliant seasons a year there's a great potential to own a vast amount of shoes for all occasions. Some shoes get to see sunlight more often than others, and some are just the perfect last piece to a special outfit for a special occasion. So my hunt continues to add to my collection of shoes. One day they will all have a spot in a large walk-in shoe closet. Each pair will have a perfect spot where they may rest in between use. 

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