Monday, September 29, 2008

Can we as society be un-influenced my media?

Some Question... I'd love to here how other people think about this issue

Are we do surrounded by media that it is impossible to be influenced by it?
Or If we are aware of it's impact are we more or less influenced by it?
Does media have a direct affect on your or an indirect affect?
When are we not affected by media? Is it possible to be not affected by media, ever?
Why does media have such a strong impact on our general society? 
Are we driven by drama and headlines?
Can we use media in our art to affect others? By doing so are we selling ourselves out? Are we then being used by media rather than us using media?

So Many things to Remember

Okay, If I lost my planner. Its clear I would go insane. The other day I thought I did and I thought my life was over, then I found it. No I'm not dramatic. I know what your thinking... Stop thinking. Why do we think anyway. p.s. these days I barely have time to think. All I have time to do is complete assignments, go to class, try to pay attention, and hopefully learn! Then wait a sec If I plan my whole life out am I just living to plan? Am I just planning on planning? Am I letting anything naturally have an affect on me or am I so caught up in routine I'm lost in reality? O am I just over thinking right now???

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Too many Timmt Ho's not enough Starbucks in N.S.

Not much to say about this... I just don't understand why there are so few Starbucks in Halifax and yet so many Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons doesn't make specialty drinks and serve fresh fruit, yoguart, and other healthy choices. I feel like I'm going through a starbucks withdrawl since having moved here from Vancouver/Victoria B.C. and was so used to my daily convenient stop at a Starbucks.  To top it all off I attempted to order at a Tim Hortons the other day and even though they don't offer anything healthy I tried to order a toasted bagel. This was in the early afternoon and they told me they where all out of bagels.. So I asked for a sandwich and they replied "We're sorry we are all out of bread." So I kindly asked "What do you have?" they answered; "Just donuts." Sorry no thanks.. Not only do I not have my starbucks here surrounding every street corner.. but the the tim hortons here don't have anything even moderatly healthy to order!!!!!